SL1 Switch DMX Power Box

The DMX Power Box is made of 100 % aluminum and beautifully designed by our engineers.

The controls are easy to use (check out the How to Use video) with large and steady buttons.

The comfortable handle makes it easy to maneuver and the embarked DMX software allows remote piloting.

It dims from 0 to 100 % with 2 speeds and the SWITCH version manages color changing from 3000 to 5600°k by steps of 50°k with an incredible tolerance.

One very nice feature is that it is designed to mount onto the back of the light. All you need is a 3/16 Allen key and just push the spring loaded screws to mount it.

This combo feature makes the SL1 versatile and usable in any location or more static use such as for commercial or studio lighting.

Specs & Downloads

  • Part Ref
  • Part Name
  • SL1 Switch DMX Power Box
  • Part Description
  • 110-240 Volts AC Power Box
  • Part Function
  • Inbuilt brightness dimmer 0 to 100% and
    a colour dimmer 3000 to 5600°k
    DMX controllable
  • Metric Size
  • 390x200x62mm
  • Metric Weight
  • 3.4Kg
  • Imperial Size
  • 15.3x7.8x2.4"
  • Imperial Weight
  • 7.5lbs