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myMIX app

Become a GEL Maker and match any light on set with the myMIX app. You can achieve the following:

  • Any whites from 1700 to 10000°k with green/magenta correction
  • Any colors from the HUE wheel at any saturation level towards white
  • Browse gels from the ROSCO library of colors and load them to the light
  • Create your own colors, save them into a personal library
  • Capture a color: take a picture, pick a color out of the photo and then load that color to the light
  • Build your own library of whites, gels and colors and send them to the local controller
  • Upgrade the controller wirelessly


  • myMIX features 1
  • myMIX features 2
  • myMIX features 3
  • myMIX features 4
  • myMIX devices 1
  • myMIX devices 2
  • myMIX devices 3
  • myMIX devices 4