DOP Choice SL1 SnapBag

The SnapBag is a soft light box specifically designed by DoP Choice to fit both the SL1 Switch and the Mini Switch.

It comes with 4 steel rods which lodge directly onto the light, onto which the softbox tenses itself.

The SnapBag increases the light surface to 135x40cm (53x16'') for the SL1 Switch and to 80x40cm (31x16") for the MINI Switch.

It also comes with 3 fabric diffusions (quarter, half and full).



  • Antoine ROCH, AFCOn the movie “Attila Marcel” by Sylvain Chomet, 2012I was very happy with the SL1 on my last two features! The SL1 has a great beam, a high light output and a very precise color temperature; it is much more mastered than other Led lights I've used. Definitely a modern tool well adapted to the cinematography of current film-making.VIEW IN GALLERY >
  • Darius Khondji, AFC, ASCUsed more than 15 SL1 Switch on L'Oréal advert with John Legend“ Theses lights are great, they are very versatile and easy to use, quite powerful too. I love using modern ways of lighting and these are at the forefront of modern Cinematography ”VIEW IN GALLERY >
  • Laurent BARÈSOn the TV series « BRAQUO », season 2, 2012The SL1 is in total harmony with the evolution of present-day spectators' view. It's the first tool that takes in account the new visual environments of our cities and their feel.VIEW IN GALLERY >
  • Robbie Ryan, BSCFeature film: The Meyerowitz Stories“ I was thinking where’s the catch? Why is this light not on everybody’s wish list?... After using the Mini Switch on 3 features now, I can safely say there is no catch...It’s a wonderful light. Really it is!! It’s now my go-to light... ”VIEW IN GALLERY >
  • Stéphane Le ParcOn "Un bonheur n'arrive jamais seul" by James HuthThe main quality of the SL1 is it's slimness. Powerful, light and easy to rig, it has become a must-have on all my lists.VIEW IN GALLERY >
  • Thierry ARBOGAST, AFCOn the movie « MALAVITA » by Luc Besson, 2013I really liked the beam of the SL1, with the softness it has. Thanks to its size, it replaces a 4 tubes 4 feet, while being more powerfull . I used it on car rigs in broad daylight, it also turned out to be very usefull for its weight and low power consumption.VIEW IN GALLERY >
  • Part Ref
  • SL1 Switch: DOP-SL1-SB
    MINI Switch: DOP-MINI-SB
  • Part Name
  • SL1 Switch: SL1 Snapbag
    MINI Switch: MINI Snapbag
  • Part Description
  • Comes with a full, a half and a quarter fabric diffuser
    SL1 Switch: increases light surface to 135x40cm (53x16'')
    MINI Switch: increases light surface to 80x40cm (31x16")
  • Metric Size
  • SL1 Switch: 380x280x100mm
    MINI Switch: 380x280x100mm
  • Metric Weight
  • SL1 Switch: 0.7Kg
    MINI Switch: 0.6Kg
  • Imperial Size
  • SL1 Switch: 15x11x4"
    MINI Switch: 15x11x4"
  • Imperial Weight
  • SL1 Switch: 1.5lbs
    MINI Switch: 1.3lbs
  • How to fix it on the light ?
  • Quick fit with 4 steel rods which lodge onto the light and a clever
    velcro system


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