Available for both SL1 and MINI SWITCH & MIX, and for the MAXI MIX, the "Dome" is our most popular diffusion accessory.

It slides onto the light replacing the standard flat diffuser. Its round shape makes it the perfect light-softener with a larger spread of 160°.

Moreover, it gives out a really nice slick line of light and creates great reflections. It is particularly appreciated in car/beauty commercials.

Try it, love it!

PS: The Dome for SL1 SWITCH/MIX comes with its own protective fabric bag, while the Dome for MINI is placed in MINI Rigid Bag.

MFR 29811201A406​ /SL1-DIFF-TF for SL1 Switch/ MIX

MFR 29811205A207 /MINI-DIFF-TF for MINI Switch/MIX

MFR 29822400A409 /MAXI-MIX-DOME for MAXI MIX

Rosco SKU:  29822400A409

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