MINI Driver

This small power box is a DCDC converter, indispensable to control the MINI Switch light. It controls both the intensity (0 to 100%) and the colour temperature (3000 to 5600°k) with a smooth dimmer. It can take any DC charge from 12 to 35V and will convert it into 24V DC.

It mounts on the back of the MINI Switch with a brilliant new quick-lock system.

Running of battery power: both V-lock and Anton Bauer battery plates can mount onto the MINI Controls to make the power unit into one block, as well as mount on the back of the light to spread the weight evenly.

Running of AC power: a MINI Power Supply Unit is included in the basic light KIT, which can also mount on the MINI Controls OR the back of the light.

MFR:29811205A212 / MINI-CT

Specs & Downloads

  • Part Ref
  • Part Name
  • MINI Switch Controls
  • Part Description
  • DC-DC Converter 12-35 Volts 
  • Part Function
  • Welcomes any battery source from 12 to 35V including V-lock,
    Anton Bauer
    Inbuilt brightness dimmer 0 to 100% and a colour dimmer 
    3000 to 5600°k
  • Metric Size
  • 150x100x40mm
  • Metric Weight
  • 0.7Kg
  • Imperial Size
  • 5.9x3.9x1.8"
  • Imperial Weigh
  • 1.5lbs


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Data Sheet - MINI Switch