SL1 Switch Battery Dimmer

The Battery Dimmer is a DC to DC converter. It can take any input between 12 and 35V DC and it will convert into 24V DC in constant current, which is what the SL1 Switch runs on.

It welcomes any battery sources through V-lock/Anton Bauer or XLR 3 and 4 pin and has an inbuilt dimmer which can control brightness and color change.

Just like the DMX Power Box, another great feature, is that it quick-mounts onto the back of the light, which makes it very versatile. It comes with a shoulder strap too.


  • Part Ref
  • SL1-BD-SW
  • Part Name
  • SL1 Switch Battery Dimmer
  • Part Description
  • DC-DC Converter 12-35 Volts - comes with a shoulder strap
  • Part Function
  • Welcomes any battery source from 12 to 35V including V-lock,
    Anton Bauer and XLR 3 and 4 pin connectors
    Brightness dimmer 0 to 100% and a colour dimmer 3000 to 5600°k
  • Metric Size
  • 155x105x70mm
  • Metric Weight
  • 1.1Kg
  • Imperial Size
  • 6x4x.2.8"
  • Imperial Weight
  • 2.4lbs


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Data Sheet - SL1 Switch